Dick Litton Holt

Designer Maker


The inspiration behind this collection was a reaction to the proliferation of tea light candles. The resultant waste of the remaining wax in each burned candle and the largely unrecycled aluminium shell, prompted me to rethink decorative flame.

I am reluctant to jettison beautiful things and my collection of Neal’s Yard bottles had grown to a point where they needed to be dealt with or discarded.  It occurred to me that I could repurpose them as oil lamps.

Having experimented with raising gilding metal (see Pots) I started doing the same with silver and copper.  I created a number of shapes of varying size.   With the addition of a silver or copper tube to carry a fibreglass wick, these could then be dropped into the bottle to create an oil lamp.

I have since been experimenting further; sourcing antique vases, fine hand-made glass containers and designing each fiametta specifically to compliment the container.