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Fiammetti (little flames) are available as pre-made pieces in copper or solid silver. They come complete with wick and start at £50. A range of hand made vases, bottles and other containers is also available to choose from – please enquire for examples and prices. Fiammetti can also be made to order to fit a container of your choice. Lamp oil can be provided, scented and coloured if desired.

The first Fiammetta being made

The inspiration for this collection was a reaction to the proliferation of tea light candles. The accumulative waste of the remaining wax in each burned candle and the largely unrecycled aluminium shell, prompted a rethink of decorative flame.

My collection of interesting containers had grown to a point where they needed to be dealt with or discarded.  Being reluctant to jettison beautiful and useful things, I took the opportunity to repurpose them as oil lamps.

After gold plating and in its thistle pot

Having experimented with shaping metal (see Thistle Pots), I started doing the same with silver and copper, creating a number of forms of varying size.   With the addition of a silver or copper tube to carry a suitable wick, these could then be dropped into a bottle, vase or other container filled with lamp oil, to create an alternative to the candle.

Dishes in silver and copper

Silver forms

Murano vase, spirit bottle and tulip vases

A collection