Dick Litton Holt – Litton Holt Designs

Designer – Maker – Fixer


These candles are made in water. Each one is entirely unique as the finish is affected by so many variables. Wax is very brittle so the outer structure is extremely delicate and must be handled with care

When ordering, please choose a colour for the central candle and select one or two colours for the outer wax

The form is created around a hand-dipped central candle.

When the candle burns down the structure comes to life as the light plays through the areas of dense and fine wax

In the process, a small amount of the structure around the flame melts away whilst the outer parts remain

As well as subtly changing the form, the runs and drips of wax create additional interest.

When the candle has burned down to near its base, it can be replaced by another.

Replacing the finished candle with another of a different colour creates further interest.