Dick Litton Holt – Litton Holt Designs

Designer – Maker – Fixer


I have fixed countless loose, broken or no longer functional pieces of furniture, jewellery, ceramics and some glassware. If something is broken or doesn’t work I will do my best to fix it, restore it or otherwise bring it back to life. If it is beyond repair or no longer serves a purpose I will do my best to repurpose it.

Ceramic lamp base. About 40 individual pieces and many missing. Rebuilt using dental plaster.

Wood and plaster picture frame. Hundreds of pieces, many parts missing. Painstaking rebuild.

Temporary additional leaves for a mahogany wind-out table – stained MDF

Mahogany table – hand scraped to original wood and Danish oiled.

New leaves made from single width sapele. Hand shaped edges, Danish oiled.